Did you know…companies lose $2500 a year on average

per employee due to miscommunication?

-American Society of Training & Development


The Problem

Emails, telephoning, meetings, presentations, negotiation, and pronunciation skills -

 business English courses to help you be more successful on the job now…

Business English Communication

Fundamental skills for the most common situations

found in English-speaking offices and global workplaces

Customer Service 

Provide excellent customer service, handle difficult customers, solve issues, and more


Succeed at every step in the sales process: cold call, trade show booth, sales presentation, closing the sale, and more…


Provide technical customer support, collaborate on a team, give project updates, describe technical product features + benefits, give pitch presentations, and more…


Hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist resorts – provide high quality customer service, handle difficult situations


Award-winning system

Role-based up-skilling just-in-time

Faster time to results

Learning is easy and fun - play like a game!

Learn real skills you'll use on the job now 

 Comprehensive Business skills + communication skills + English skills


bizPROFI was founded by Danielle Rowley,

BS Education + International MBA.

The system is the result of developing

and delivering learning solutions for individuals

and companies in Europe, Asia,

and the US for more than 20 years.

Questions? Call +1.858.437.3318 or contact us.


 Try out a Workplace Communication course

for your ESL/EFL/English for Specific Purposes learners?

16 hours (extendable to 32 hours) CEFL Levels B1-C1

Book and eBook available

eBook available


Be more successful. Now.

(for you or your company employees)

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